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Here the most antique bridge in Berlin :)
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Banksy Attempts To Sell Original Artwork On NYC’s Streets For $60
Alex Wain,
Banksy Attempts To Sell Original Artwork On NYC’s Streets For $60If you haven’t heard, yesterday in New York City, famed street artist Banksy (whom we love and have covered before) decided to set up a stall in Central Park and sell his original…


Do you love what you do? or you do what you love? The love and commitment to the job is what differentiates an artist, and what make them inmortal… Just look at Gaudi’s masterpieces!
Everyone should be an artist in their own abilities and knowledge


Connect & Coach, the winner of the Data Design Diabetes Challenge, helps people make healthier choices that can make grocery shopping an altogether more healthy experience.

Here’s the scoop: A simple solution for buying better food while you’re shopping in the supermarket

[Image: By Flickr user Clemens v. Vogelsang]

Asi es como este startup le da valor agregado a su producto/servicio."We found an awesome opportunity to integrate with supermarket retailers beginning to deliver nutrition counseling and diabetes education,"

"the greates thing by far is to be a master of metaphor" Aristotle